Year-Round Slow Cooker: 100 Favorite Recipes for Every Season - Dina Cheney

This was such a treat to read!  The author, Dina Cheney, does a fabulous job of preparing even the most novice of slow cooker users to make the best meal.


The highlights of her book over others would be the usage of her tips for cooking and ingredients.  She has a really good way of explaining the safety and temperature concerns.  I was also impressed that she touched on the water vs. excess water issues that are so common with slow cooker cooking.


The best part of the book, to me, was the way Cheney divides the book into seasons and gives excellent recommendations to the seasonal foods.  She makes it simple for someone who gardens, or who loves fresh food and ingredients.  


I was totally won over by the list to stock my pantry with and ways to thicken my sauces at the beginning of the book.  She also has terrific kitchen practices that make for logical and more efficient cooking.


The book has (YES -really has!) 100 recipes to cook or draw from to make your own.  The author does a good job explaining uses of ingredients and why.  She also helps you understand a lot of the cooking steps you must take prior to the slow cooking process,  


I found it to be a handy book that I would recommend on any cooks shelf, if they have a slow cooker in their home.  This may well end up as a Christmas gift to those I love this year.


***I received this ARC copy free from, in exchange for review purposes.  This did not influence my opinion toward author or said book.