Forever... Christmas (Happy Books) - Mary Kelly

Katie and Alex meet in a storm on Christmas Eve.  Their story is about meeting every Christmas and spending the next couple days with one another.


Through the book, they visit with each other in their respective lives - but only at Christmas.  Both Katie and Alex are afraid to make more out of it for fear they will lose the good, honest friendship they have cultivated.  They have feelings for one another, and every couple years - they kiss.


Until one day...they talk about being something more.  Can they get past the fear?  Katie is overwhelmed with the true feelings she has for Alex but every time she brings it up - he shuts her down.  He too, is afraid to take it away from what they have.  


Their mutual friends tell them they are in love with one another and should do something about it.  Alex knows his feelings are real but he knows Katie is very scared and may put him out of her life for good.


They have both met "the parents."  The potential future in-laws love them and hope their children get together.  Alex's parents even warn Katie off - in case she could get hurt.


Neither one wants to see the other with a new boyfriend/girlfriend.  They know the feelings are hiding under the surface and are just not willing to take a chance,  After some time passes - - the chance ends up taking them,.... and it takes time to solve this riddle.


With some real surprises in store, clever banter, witty jokes, and sincere feeling I found this book had so much to offer.  I wanted the characters to get together sooner - but my rushing would have changed the outcome and I loved the ending too!  Their story was so heartfelt and honest that it seemed real.  A story to relate to.



***This ARC copy was free from for review purposes.