Need - N. Isabelle Blanco, K.I. Lynn

This story about Brayden & Kira is such a strong and emotional one.  Get yourself some quiet time and a pack of tissues!!  I was impressed with the authors' ability to give us both the emotions of the girl and boy point of view in this book.


Brayden has been in love with Kira since they were kids.  Only he did not have words to put to it.  She was his best friends little sister, but his best friend also.  Kira has loved him all along too and she knew it.  She tells him she loves him all the time.


Suddenly, in their teen years - they see one another differently.  He is totally attracted to her and knows he can never act on it.  She is also attracted to him and wants to force him to act on it.  He pushes her away and then their friendship becomes strained.


Then one night they kiss.  And it happens again.  Each time they attempt - they are interrupted - and each time it happens Brayden pulls father away from her knowing he cannot have her.  Yet.  She is underage, his best friend, and her brother is his bro.


Kira wants to kill him.  Or never see him again.  She feels like he is playing with her emotions, her heart, and her physical needs.  She is truly in love with him - the forever kind, even though they are so young - she is that certain.  Each time he hurts her, she tells herself she won't let him play her again.  But she cannot resist the man....


Brayden finally fesses up to his best friend, Ryan.  He knows the feelings are there between Kira and Brayden and makes a pact with him to win her over.  Can there be a future?  Is it even still possible for him to find that with Kira?


Such a sweet and sincere story.  The feelings are real and the honesty is refreshing.  I cannot wait for the next installment in the series, called Take.  See the listing for more information HERE at Goodreads.  I give this a whopping 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



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