Insatiable - Cari Quinn

Shawn and Rachel's story was an emotional one.  Shawn Griffin and Rachel Cooper have been best friends since basically birth.  They are very close and everyone already assumes they are more than friends, they are a couple.  The truth is not so simple.


Shawn has known he has been in love with Rachel for at least 6 years.  It has been hard acting like a normal best friends, sharing love stories of other partners with her.  Having movie nights and more.  Now, with word of her going back to her ex who live in New York, he follows her and makes sure the reunion is awkward.  Before they leave - they kiss.


Rachel Cooper has known at least since they were teenagers that she feels more for Shawn in her heart.  As a teenager eager to learn she offers herself to Shawn.  He tells her he does not want to wreck their friendship.  It is everything to both of them so they end up with other partners.


Growing up together they know one another more than the typical friend would.  Now, in New York, the sparks - as they say - are a flyin'!  The heat between them picks up and neither Shawn, nor Rachel is able to deny the feelings then.  No matter where they are!


Shawn vows to himself he will take this short vacation with her to show her they can have a future like a normal couple.  Even if they have to never go back to California to do it.  Rachel is EVERYTHING to him and he means to make her see this.


I found the honest and heartfelt feelings were so terrific to read.  I felt for both of them and wished they could see they feel the same way.  Rachel is just gun shy from a past experience and is afraid to give in.


Shawn ends up sacrificing quite a bit for her on this trip.  There are surprises, tragedy and plenty of time in and out of bed for these two.  What a vacation!  I give this book a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!




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