Fighting for Keeps (Entangled Ignite) (Agents of TRAIT) - Seleste deLaney

Jodi and Finn's story is kind of complicated.  Jodi first meets him as he is a cop trying to give her a parking ticket.  Finn is attracted to her right away but not sure how to approach, since she is in quite the hurry.


Finn next sees Jodi over at TRAIT - who is trying to recruit him.  She will be his trainer/supervisor for his trial period.  Finn is just fine having a woman be his superior.  What is bothering him is he can barely restrain himself from touching her.  He has the desire to kiss her all the time.  The chemistry is literally killing him.


Jodi is also attracted to Finn.  She has had a bad partner in the past who would never rely on a woman, so she afraid to take Finn's word that all is fine.  The trust is not there yet and they are already in danger.  Nothing seems to stop the sizzle between them and they finally just give in.  Is it just sex?  Can it be more?  Is there something there between them?


Both of them have been hurt before.  Both of them are scared.  Meanwhile, there is a threat against Jodi's life that has jumped the track and now is after Finn also.  Can they catch a killer, save the girl, and find love?  I think they can.  The characters are very well developed and this is the TRAIT series book # 3.  See more about them at Goodreads - Click Here.  I give this book a solid 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



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