Neanderthal Marries Human - Penny Reid

Quinn and Janie's story continues in this 2nd book in the Knitting in the City series. We also get to know their friends and family in more detail.  Quinn is wanting a more permanent commitment from Janie.  She is gun shy due to her past, and this makes for more marital hijinx.


Quinn proposes to Janie and she has a bit of confusion.  Why does he want to marry her?  How can he know how long they will be together?  What if it does not last?  She is full of scenarios in her head.  


Janie cannot see them getting engaged this early in their relationship.  She was thinking after a couple years or so.  Quinn wants her to be his.  He is wanting her to show she will be with him always.  Janie comes from a family that is pretty messed up and is afraid to make this kind of commitment.  


They end up making a deal of sorts and working through as much as they can.  Part of this deal is to meet each others families, parents, friends, etc.  The character development is amazing and the humor is really good!


I did not think that the author could top the first book in the series - but she did!  I was happily reading and crying and loving every minute.  I think this is a series all romance readers should have on their shelves.  Makes a great gift!