Letting Go (Entangled Embrace) - Jessica Ruddick

Corinne Elliott and Luke Evans meet at a combined sorority and fraternity party.  They literally end up tied to one another.  He was just a nice surprise in the party she did not want to go to.


Cori is typically the best student.  Top grades, hard worker, even stays home to get the homework ahead of schedule.  She does not want to ruin any chance of scholarships since she is uncertain how to pay for her tuition.  


Luke is stunned at how hot the girl he got tied up with is.  She gets a bit loaded and lays a major kiss on him.  Then they find out they have a class together.  Seems there could be future potential if they are willing to take a chance.  Except they are both hiding some secrets from the past.


Cori is afraid to mess up the good thing she has going now with Luke.  If she brings up her ex and all that went with it, not only is it a mood killer, but he could change his mind about her.  Luke is starting to mean something to her and she is afraid to blow it.


Luke and Cori are both really busy but they make time to be together.  Until all the past secrets get exposed anyway...  Then it is just as if a bomb went off.


The characters in this story have great visible development.  I like watching them take care of each other.  Luke turns out to be quite the gentleman.  Was a good book and I give it a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!!



***This ARC copy was given free from Netgalley.com and its publishers, for review purposes.  My honest opinion is my own, and does not reflect Netgalley nor its affiliates.