Blood Money (Bad Money Series Book 1) - Ali Parker, Nicole Bailey Proof Before You Publish, Kellie Dennis Book Covers By Design

Jon Peterson and Kate Jarrett have everything against them.  Jon and Kate both loved his brother, and Jon's brother Adam was in love with Kate.  After Adam is gone, Kate is arrested and charged with murder. 


Jon is angry that he is so attracted to her.  Kate tries to fight how she feels for him, but she cannot seem to control how she feels.  Jon knows she could have any one she wanted.  He just hopes he can convince her to want him.


Kate is surprised by how she is reacting to Jon.  She has a man willing to help her with her physical needs, but is now finding she wants more.  Can they be with him?  Can she learn to trust?


The bar she owns seems to be the center of trouble lately.  Jon is a police officer and must investigate if she is involved in the crimes committed there.  He wars within himself about her guilt.  Her is pretty sure she is innocent but has to prove it somehow.


This book is seriously fast paced and not for the faint of heart.  There are many things that make you doubt where the book is going, but the author keeps us hopping as we head to the finish line. There is more coming in the next book in the Bad Money Series and I hope it comes out soon!!  I give this story a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!




***This ARC copy was given free from the author for review purposes.  My honest opinion was given and is my real reaction to the above stated book.