Hold Me Until Midnight (Entangled Brazen) (Grayson Brothers) - Christina Phillips

Scarlett Ashford met with Jackson Grayson to hire him to be her date for her father's wedding.  She could get her own date, that is not the problem.  Her problem, is a future step-mother who thinks she can be walked on.  Future step-mom thinks she should date her cousin the scumbag.  She needs a date who can hold his own, take no prisoners, and throw a punch if it comes to it.


Jackson and Scarlett have serious chemistry from the get go.  They are very attracted and do not need to fake the looks they give one another at the wedding.  They find out they really do not know anything about each other and the more they learn - the more they like.


Deciding they have something between them, they continue to share stolen moments.  They get to know one another better, and share private thoughts too.  Scarlett continues to invite Jackson to her Ashford family events.  Not knowing that her father would threaten him or try to buy him off.


At this point they are both more invested and thinking it is a relationship.  Neither one knowing how to tell the other.  Can love conquer all?  They only need to say words and it is all good.  I enjoyed the struggle and felt the emotions like I was watching a movie.  I found it worthy of 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!  



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