My One and Only - Kristan Higgins

Harper and Nick run into one another at their siblings wedding.  Yes, you heard that right.  Her sister is marrying his brother.  It is a weird situation all around.


Harper is begging her sister to stop getting married.  To wait and see how things go.  They have not known each other long.  It worries Harper, since for her sister it is her 3rd marriage already.


Nick admits to her he still loves her.  Even when she brings a soon to be ex-boyfriend to the shindig with her.  He saves her when tragedy strikes, and she realizes that her feeling for him may still be there.


Nick and Harper married young themselves, and had a misunderstanding that grand slammed its way into a divorce.  If only they had a good example, or strength and trust in one another - they would have made it.


This visit gets prolonged since, she cannot get home and has to road-trip it with Nick or wait several days for a flight.  They seem to get along pretty well and it helps smooth over some ruffled feathers on the way back.  I enjoyed the character development and I am glad how it turns out.  I give this story a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!