Just Desserts (Tales of the Curious Cookbook) - Mary Calmes

Boone and Scott are in love with one another and neither one can admit it out loud.  They settle instead, for being best friends.  Boone owns an art gallery, and Scott is a chef at a popular restaurant.


Boone has something of a complicated past.  He does not talk about it and he tries very hard not to think about it.  He was basically disowned by the only family he ever knew.  He came to the United States to get away from all of it and start fresh.


Scott was the one to approach Boone on using local cuisine in his gallery openings.  They became fast friends when they found out they had so much in common.  By helping one another, both their businesses have thrived.


Boone wants to stop watching Scott go through the wrong men.  He feels sick and looks for an opportunity to tell him how he feels.  He never seems to tell him in time before he finds someone new.


Scott has felt like he has waited long enough to hear what Boone wants from him.  They dance around it every day.  Boone does not want to ruin the friendship they have so they both just put it off.  When is the right to tell someone you love them?


Such an incredibly good book.  It is a sincere testament of friendship and family.  I was moved to both laughter and tears.  Another great story from this author!!  I give this book 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!