Warrior's Cross - 'Madeleine Urban',  'Abigail Roux'

Cameron Jacobs sees Julian Cross every Tuesday night.  He comes into the restaurant where he works and orders the same thing.  Every sing week, the same thing.  His co-workers think he has a thing for Cameron.  Cam just thinks he is the sexiest man he has ever seen.  He wishes someone like him would ever look at someone like himself.


Julian is a friend of the restaurant owner and is happy to come to a 4 star place to eat.  He occasionally has guests.  His behavior is typically odd.  He is soft spoken.  There are many things Cam knows about Julian.  He just does not know the intimate ones he wishes secretly to know.


Julian ends up in a battle for the warrior title, when his protege tries to kill him and Cameron.  He has to keep those he cares for safe.  So it is an all out war that it comes down to.


Cameron cannot believe he finally has the love of his life.  He has never been so loved.  He has never felt so good about anything or anyone.  What he has with Julian is a miracle in itself.  Can they survive this attack that is headed their way from Julian's past?


Such an amazing story of love and loss.  Tugs at the heart and gives amazing banter too!  This is the background for characters who continue into the Cut & Run series later.  I give this great book a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!