Caught (Entangled Brazen) (Elite PR) - Clare James

Vivian Blake's job is to repair Jarod Cage's reputation and image.  He is a racecar drive for NASCAR.  His image needs to be spotless and clean for the family friendly sport.  Caught in a bar bathroom on video and gone viral, he has to hurry to get his life back on track or lose his sponsors and career completely.


Right from the start the chemistry between them is explosive!  He wants to even the field between them.  Since she has seen him naked and writhing in passion on video, he wants to see her in the same state.  She agrees since her attraction to him cannot be toned down.


Trying to get everything back on track, so to speak, she aims to be professional and keep her hands to herself.  Easier said than done.  She does her homework, learns the lingo for the NASCAR circuit and a whole lot more.  Jarod takes her for a ride in his car and helps her to appreciate the sport is more than just a fun day with a car in a circle.


Viv knows that fixing his image is the fast track for her to get the job she has been aiming for in New York.  Her boss and her assistant have been keeping it from her in kind of a sadistic way.  She needs this as much as Jarod does.


I really liked the sparks and the honesty you see the characters share.  It was very fulfilling as a reader to see they both could teach each other things and learn too.  I liked the banter, the sexy times, and most of all the NASCAR pieces of the book.  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC was free from and its publisher for review purposes.