How to Catch a (Rock) Star: A Story of Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll - Gabrielle Aquilina

Lillie meets Jed in a bar where she listens to several bands play.  She ends up listening to his as well.  They hit it off as do their friends. They do not want to be apart.


Jed cannot believe his luck.  He has never felt this way for any woman.  Lillie brings out the best of him.  He never wants to lose that.  He hides things from his past so she will not leave him.


Lillie has some issues from the past too.  She was dating a married man until his pregnant wife showed up.  This causes lack of confidence, fear, and many more troubling doubts about her trusting relationships with men.


Jed has to go on tour and after hearing Lillie sing, he wants her with them.  They even arrange to take her friend Kate along.  She is becoming friends with the whole group and starting to sing and become a member of the band.


Lillie is still scared, and has stage fright.  She is learning techniques on how to control it from the other band members.  They all have been through it already.  So she is gaining confidence and singing duets with Jed.


This book takes you on a world tour, across the pond, and back too.  The friends and lovers in this book will fascinate you.  The banter is there.  The sexy times are in there.  I give this story a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP! 



***This ARC copy was given free from and its publisher for review purposes only.