Falling Away: The Fall Away Series - Penelope Douglas

Juliet Carter AKA "KC", has known Jaxon AKA "Jax" Trent for a while.  She has also known he had a crush on her.  What she does not know, is he was serious about her even then.  Juliet, meanwhile was still dating her long time boyfriend, Liam.


Jax has waited a long time for a chance to be with Juliet.  His intentions are mostly honorable and future based.  He is after forever with her.  He has just had to put up with her thinking if him as a "younger" brother, rather than a potential mate.


Juliet, like Jax, also has a past littered with mistrust and misery. Juliet has a hard time trusting anyone much less seeing the future.  Her family has always called her by her sisters name who died.  No one seems to see her as Juliet, herself.  Can they find love with each other and make a future?


Jax, just wants her to give a chance.  He knows if he can just get the chance to show her how much he worships her, that she will see all that he has to offer.  They have both been attracted to one another - just never acted on it.


I loved the continuation of the Fall Away series.  It is so good with very complex characters.  I found that they are honest, loyal, and fierce characters that make me excited for the next book!  I give this story a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!