Crashed (Entangled Indulgence) (Axle Alley Vipers) - Sherilee Gray

Alexandra Franco has been in love with Deacon West for so long.  She met him as a foster kid, needing a family.  She found it with his family, the West's.  His sisters and father opened their home and their hearts to her.  She feels a part of them already.


With Deke, however, they go back and forth on the physical and hide their relationship from everyone else.  She tries to tell herself it is enough.  Is it really?  Can she accept only having a piece of him when she wants all in?


Deacon has made up a rouse to get Alex back into his life.  He has been in love with her since she was 18.  He came home from college and just fell - almost literally at her feet.  She was just the most beautiful person he had ever seen and his heart wants to burst whenever she is near.  She is afraid to let love in.  Can he talk her into it?


Alex knows she does not fit into his life.  They "crash" into each other every so often.  The physical comes easy between them.  The emotional is left unsaid and is painful for both of them.  The sparks that fly - well they soar the chemistry is so good.  If only they can open up to one another and tell the truth about their feelings before its too late.


This book was so good I could NOT put it down.  I was amazed at the chemistry and story that just sucked me in!  I loved the characters, the banter, and the sexy times too.  This is just an all around feel good, angsty, hot romance.  You should get you some!  I give this story a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was free from and its publishers for review purposes only.