Heat Exchange (Boston Fire) - Shannon Stacey

Lydia Kincaid has known Aidan Hunt for many years.  He is her little brother's best friend.  He is four years her junior and that makes her feel old and responsible.  She is afraid to start anything with him, since there are consequences.  More for Aidan, than for herself.


Lydia came back to Boston to cover the Pub for her sister.  She is working out what to do with her marriage and needed some help.  The brotherhood of firefighters makes it difficult for Lydia and her sister.  They support the men that hurt them because that is what they do.  Who supports the women?


Their father was also a firefighter.  Now he is a bar owner who seems to make his daughters mad.  They need their father and all they get is a stone wall of brotherhood.  What about when they need his support?


Lydia plans all along to go back to Concord, NH where she lives now.  She hates her job but is happy to be independent of the things that made her miserable in Boston.  Who knew she would fall in love with another firefighter?


Aidan has been wanting Lydia for so long.  Now he actually has a chance at a future with her.  It only costs his friendship with his best friend.  Doesn't matter, she is worth it.  I love the banter, and the sexy times are HOT!  I give this story a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



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