1.  You are known for being a Seahaws fan.  Is is just football or sports in general that make you feel excited? 
Actually I love all Seattle sports, though football is my favorite and has been since the Seahawks became an expansion team. I'm also rooting for Seattle to get a hockey team.
2.  I heard you have a horse!  Can you share a little bit about that?  
I've been horse crazy since I knew what a horse was. For close to 30 years, I had horses and showed in western and dressage. My last horse is no longer rideable so she's spending her days in retirement, and I have yet to replace her. It's my plan to get another horse someday, but I want to get my writing career off the ground first.
3.  Many of our readers are animal lovers and you have several.  Are they ever in your books? 
They're in all in my books. My cat makes the most appearances in various incarnations, though the cat in Forward Passes is him in every way. The Gift Horse actually features my mare. Our dogs have also shown up in books. I have an animal of some kind in every book I write.
4.  Has traveling influenced your stories?  I know you said you love the San Juans....tell us what you love best please.  
The first time I went to the San Juans, I was in a boat crossing the Straits of Juan De Fuca. We'd been told by friends that once you see those islands in the distance, all your stress and worries just fade away, life slows down, and you're content and happy. It was so true. While we no longer have the boat, we do visit the San Juans a few times a year. Our dream is to someday retire there. In the meantime, the islands will continue to be a setting for my books.
5.  Any upcoming books to tell us about?  We love being the first to know!  
Yes, a few. I'm writing a novella for Carly Phillps' Dare to Love Kindle World. I'm also working on a Christmas novella, Hearts on Ice, which continues Blake and Sarah's story. Lastly, I'm working on my next novel, Blindsided, featuring Tanner (Isaacs' brother) and Emma (Avery's twin sister). Tanner is even more damaged than Isaac, he just hides it better.
6.  Care to tell us a secret about yourself that no one else knows?  We want to get to know you! 
I am a rabid antique furniture collector, but it's gotten to the point where if I buy something new, something has to go first. I love mission-style oak furniture and art deco era furniture.
7.  Do you listen to music as you write?  
Yes, Smooth Jazz. Recently, I made a play list for Emma in Blindsided. She loves to sing so I made up a list of songs I felt she would sing, and I listen to it as I write.
8.  Tell us your favorite romance book ever, please.  Who wrote it? 
The Mirror Image by Sandra Brown. BEST. BOOK. EVER.