Aaron's Story - Mason Dodd

Aaron is in high school.  He knows he is gay.  He has very Christian parents who do not seem to understand what that means.  He sees another young gay boy getting abused and pushed around at school, so he keeps it to himself.


His crush, Steven, does not seem to know he is alive either.  So what is he to do?  He gets a girlfriend and acts like he is normal, that's what.  Why risk telling anyone?  Then Steven invites him to be a part of their soccer games.  He makes new friends and starts to hope.


His older brother, who is close with, asks him over and over again what he is hiding.  Why is he so different?  Can he please tell him and confide in him?  Can he?


After suffering a tragedy, the school is split.  Now, the administrators know better and are trying to control the bullying that goes on.  Can it really be stopped?  Aaron wants to come out and tell all .... but is it really safe to do so?


Such an amazing coming of age story that I dare you to read and not cry to.  I loved the honest and simple way about the characters as they go from day to day.  I also applauded the adults in this book who got it and understood.  You will too!  I give this story a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!!