All I've Never Wanted - Ana Huang

Maya Lindberg meets Roman Fiori when she is yelling at him at a party.  She tells him straight up he is a spoiled brat who needs to learn to leave others alone.  She then is befriended by his closes friends, known as "The Scions."


They all attend an exclusive high school academy, where Maya attends on Scholarship.  She hates being there and up until her senior year tries to blend into the woodwork and never be noticed.  Then a boy stand up to them on her behalf, and she cannot let him be bullied by these cool kids who are really arrogant.


Maya is angry that she is even attracted to Roman.  She ends up pretend dating one of his closes friends, and that is only to please her grandmother.  Everything she does all of a sudden back fires on her.


Roman, on the other hand cannot stop thinking about Maya and how spunky and feisty she is.  She must also be brave because she stood up to him so publicly.  Then he sees the bullying and abuse that happens from the other students trying to defend him.  He figures he must put a stop to it now she is dating his friend.


Such a funny book where I was either laughing my self sick or on the verge of tears.  I felt everything.  Maya is an amazing character and this author takes you on a great journey!  I give this book a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given from the YA Bound Book Tours and the author for review purposes only.