Operation One Night Stand - Christine  Hughes

Caroline Frost meets Brian and Ryan at a bar.  She flirts with Ryan at first.  Thinking she will send him a drink, she starts talking to the amazing bartender, Brian.  Hence the love triangle begins.


She has already gotten rid of a fiance whom she caught cheating - in her own bed!  She is gun shy and afraid to trust anyone again.  Especially a good looking man.  


Ryan takes real good care of her.  He does not want anything permanent and is good with just sleeping with her on the fly.  However, she continues to run into both Ryan and Brian and the one night stand feels like it never ends.


Brian, on the other hand, is actual friends with Ryan, as well as roommates.  It feels weird to Caroline - being attracted to Brian.  She has more in common with him, could see a future with him.  How does she go about facing that, much less asking him out after what has gone on?


Then there friends start getting to know one another and going out with one another.  It actually starts to feel awkward.  What is a single girl to do?  She wants now to get rid of Ryan and start something with Brian.  If it is even possible.


Wow!  The author actually handled all this very well.  The banter is amazing!  The laughs and the tears and oh the sexy parts.... Well, needless to say it is a book worth recommending!  I give this story a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was free from Netgalley.com and its publisher for review purposes only.