No Kissing Allowed (Entangled Embrace) - Melissa West

Cameron Lawson is partying with friends.  Trying to meet someone after they make a list.  She is entering official adulthood and starting a new job after graduation.  First man she thinks is hot - the one wearing the UT hat.


UT guy turns out to be the best sex of her life, and later, her boss.  If only they had shared names and phone numbers.  She had wanted to keep it simple.  Then Aidan turns up where she works.


Aidan Truitt is also a single man, due to a past full of pain.  He chooses not to get involved and does not want a relationship.  While that works at the beginning for Cam, she later finds he is more to her than that.


Cameron takes him home with her on a holiday as a fluke.  To show him how a real family looks and acts around one another.  Little does she know that the fear he gets after seeing her needs up close nearly breaks him.


Aidan wants more for Cameron.  He tells her so.  How can anyone go forward after that?  Well, that and the non-compete and no-fraternization rules at work.  If they are caught what are there options?  This prevents them from going public about their so called relationship.


What a great book and lots of fun!  The chemistry is incredible!  The characters are learning as they go with obvious real time development.  I found it to be entirely great to read!  I give this story a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given free from and its publisher for review purposes only.