And then He Kissed Her - Hildie McQueen, Ciara Knight, Brinda Berry, Lindi Peterson, Melinda Curtis

This compilation includes stories from 5 different authors.  They are really good.  I recommend this book for gifts, vacations, or somewhere you need to have a book ready.  They are all separate and individual books within the book.


For my purposes, I was after the last story in the book.  Charmer by Brinda Berry.  I had been wanting to read this ever since it had been mentioned on social media.


Reese McClain meets Cord Barton in a mall.  She is there since her niece dragged her along - only to find out she was matchmaking and wanted her to meet the famous rock star as a potential husband.  To say she is shocked kind of simplifies it.


To her credit, Cord and Reese are attracted to one another.  They meet again later at Reese's shop.  Where Cord is following her to learn the business to open his own.


Reese would find it easier if she was not crazy hot for Cord  She does not want to be - after all he can have whomever he wants.  Not a crazy aunt of a precocious teenager.  He pursues her anyway, much to her chagrin.


Such a funny, clever and sweet story.  I found the characters to be entertaining and their banter was just plain funny.When things get serious the sexy parts are nice too.  I give this book a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP for the whole set!  Get your copy today!



***This ARC copy was given by the authors for a review with honest feedback.