On the Surface - Kate Willoughby

Tim Hollander and Erin Collier meet at a burger joint.  He is outside signing autographs.  She is coming to get lunch for herself and some colleagues who work with her at the hospital.  She has a crush on a doctor who loves hockey - and NHL star Tim is more than happy to help.


Unfortunately, Tim is sort of being extorted for his autograph in front of her and she takes exception to the lies and threats.  She defends him automatically.  He defends her right back.  When she is pushed and falls down, he takes the fake fan down with his fist.


There is a media storm following this and they are forced to spend more time together.  When the doctor finally notices her, possibly since she is kind of dating one of his favorite players, she is not sure how to react.  Does he only notice her after Tim does?


Tim, is completely over the moon for Erin.  He has not felt like this for anyone he has ever dated.  They are both gun shy due to their pasts.  There is much for them to learn about one another.  Erin has hang ups about her looks that are not helping either.


Good book! I was surprised to see what a great start to the In the Zone series this was!  I have pulled it off my TBR pile only to find that it was so good I needed to tell others about it.  I give this story a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!