The Escort - Laura Marie Altom

Nathan Black meets Carol Moore when the love of his life is marrying the love of hers.  They have the pain and serious attraction between them, but honestly, what else?  As they get to know one another, they are pleasantly surprised at the outcome.


Nathan wanted nothing more than to be with Ella forever.  Then she married Liam.  Carol understood the pain this caused and swept him away for a hot moment in time.  The next time they see each other he is embarrassed to tell her he is too poor to take her to dinner.  So he makes some rash decisions and sells his soul to make better money.


Carol just wants someone to finally love her for what she has to bring to the table.  Liam helped put her in the right path, but obviously was never mean for her.  She starts to feel that she has a chance with Nathan.  He is just gone all the time and works all these strange hours.  What is a girl to think?


Nathan finds he is truly falling for Carol.  Unfortunately, the devil his soul to also knows.  Threatened and scared, he continues to lie to Carol for her own safety.  Can he convince her they have a chance at a future when they have so many lies between them?  Trust becomes a real issue for this couple.


What an amazing book!  This story had so much going on I thought about taking notes!  I was loving all the characters and the suspense, though. If you enjoyed the first two books in the Shamed series, you will definitely love this one!  This book can be read as a standalone read - but why do that if you can enhance it by reading all three?  I loved it and found that I cannot wait to see what happens in the next installment.  I give this story a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was provided by and its publishers for an honest review only.