Hell & High Water - Charlie Cochet

This is the first book of the very well rated THIRDS series.  In this book we get introduced to the main characters, the team, the family dynamics and the basics of how the story and Therians come about.  We meet Dexter J Daley and his new partner Sloane Brodie.  


Dex starts out as a Human Police Force cop, who has to testify against his partner.  Then he is basically kicked out and transferred over to a new division.  There he meets the team of THIRDS agents that he will be working with.  It is quite an adjustment.


Sloan has not wanted a partner.  He can never replace the one he lost.  Since then he has been unfairly cruel to those who have tried to be his partner.  Now, with Dex being basically his last chance - and a completely worthy choice - he finally has a partner.


They both have been burned and had losses and pain from their past.  Making a partnership work, while struggling with trust and attraction issues is not easy.  Dex is so open and friendly, everyone just enjoys him right away.  Everyone, that is, except for Sloane's own best friend and teammate. 


Sloane and Dex have an amazing friendship that in turn becomes a great and enviable partnership.  The THIRDS series continues and since I love it more reviews are sure to come soon.  I find this terrific story of characters and plot wonderful and hard to put down!  I give this book a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!