So Bad - Kelley Harvey

Danny had known his little sister Rachel's best friend Mona Lisa, for many years. He has teased her, tortured her, and tried not to hate or resent her. In reality, he would do anything for her.

Mona Lisa aka "Mo", thinks Danny hates her. He is a bit of a manwhore who parties too hard and too much. His preacher father and frail mother are not sure what to do with him. Mo just wants to kiss him all over and daydreams about how hot he is.

Danny had made a deal with the devil, better known as his skeevy father, the preacher. He was to stay away from Mo until she turns 23 - or all their trust funds, (including his sister's) would be kept from them. He could not care less for himself, but for his sister, mother and yes, Mona Lisa he would do this.


Mo just wants to get through school and try to forget about the hottest man she has ever met. Even when she is dating and with other men, her thoughts are with him. Can they get past their differences and give eachother the chance?

Such a heartwarming and sexy read. I was surprised how much I fell in love with these characters! Truly a great story. Danny is so protective you cannot help but root for him to get the girl he has been wishing for for years. Mo is so sweet and innocent, you cannot help but want to tell her what she is looking for is right in front of her! I give this amazing story 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!




***This ARC copy was given for review purposes only.