Blood & Thunder - Charlie Cochet

The THIRDS series continues with this next installment (Book # 2) of Dexter J Daley & Sloane Broadie.  The search continues for a terrorist who has made even those who protect feel unsafe.  We see more of the characters from the team within Destructive Delta.  This book can be read as standalone.  For reader enjoyment, I recommend reading this series in correct order.


The team is still chasing bad guys while working to be a cohesive team now that Dex is a permanent part of it.  Sloane is unhappy that he cannot stop wanting Dex.  Thinking about him all the time, seeing him in his dreams, it is taking its toll.


Dex, for his credit is basically the new hero on the team.  While he came in to THIRDS with high qualifications as well as personal recommendations; the team finally gets to see him in action and why he is the powerhouse behind the funny.


Tragedy strikes and suddenly team members realize how short life could be.  Hitting to close to home, this bomb was intended to scare the powers that be by harming law enforcement.  Now there is more at stake for them to find the attacker.


I love how the team works together.  I also feel pride for the acceptance of Dex.  How they kind of really want him to work out.  The other familiar characters that we love are in this book also.  I found it to be an incredible part 2 and a terrific story!  Dex & Sloan is the new OTP in M/M Romance.  I give this book a 5/5 Kitty's Paws Up!