Memories of the Heart - Felice Stevens

Dr. Micah Steinberg meets Josh Rosen through their grandmothers, who are friends.  Josh's grandma send Micah a letter reminding him he needs to visit his only living relative.  He is angry at her interfering and goes over to the residence where the two old ladies live in assisted living.  Josh is there.  


Life has thrown a lot at Josh.  He gives up his future plans to come back to New York to take care of his grandmother.  He needed somewhere to go since his partner at work and home cheated on him.  After meeting Micah, he struggles with wanting to start a relationship with a man who does not want one.


Micah turns Josh away, and hurts him in the process.  Micah is struggling with the strong feelings he already is developing after only one night with him.  He tries to convince himself he does not need anyone.


Josh is a force of nature by himself.  Micah is busy with his career and maybe going to be even busier if he takes a new position he is being offered.  Can he fit true love in?


I was not sure where this book was going to go.  I found myself sucked in by the great characters who were developing right before my eyes as I was reading.  There was so much honesty, heat, and fear that it felt very real.  I give this book a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!