Alex - Sawyer Bennett

Alex's story is the first in the Cold Fury series. I decided to re-read it and review after my enjoyment of the Ryker book I reviewed earlier this month.  These are all standalone novels.  For understanding and enjoyment I always recommend reading series in order.


Alexander Crossman is known for his "I don't care" attitude on and off the ice.  He has such a reputation that even fans know to stay away from him.  He just cannot bring himself to care.  He plays hockey, but he does not like it.


Sutton Price knows nothing of hockey and has no inclination to learn, until Alex is assigned to her for a charity project.  They are both immediately attracted to one another.  Sutton is not wanting to ruin the professional relationship they have started and tries to fight her feelings.


Alex is intrigued and impressed with Sutton on many levels.  She is learning hockey through him.  She wants to have this in common with her little brother.  It also helps to have a connection to Alex so they can at least be friends.


Together these two have to come out of the comfort zones they have hidden in.  Can friends who have been hurt learn to trust the good that has come into their lives?  


I found the character development right on pace.  If you are even a little bit of a hockey fan, you cannot help but love this series.  We are introduced to the team and they are full of banter, sexy bods, and hard core hockey players.  I give this story a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!