Breaking a Legend - Sarah  Robinson

Rory meets Clare at the bar where she works.  Her boss is kind of a jerk.  So that night she sees Rory punch her boss.  Then she meets him again at the family gym.


Clare wants to improve her life, as well as the quality of life.  She listens to her new friend and signs up for a defense class.  Rory is there training his little brother to fight.


Rory is a champion.  A legend.  He used to be the best in the nation.  As an MMA fighter, he was hard to beat.  Then about a year ago, he was given an injury that sidelined his plans.  Now he is suffering to come back to the living and be present in the now.


Clare makes Rory want.  He wants better for himself, and better for her.  Can that better be them together?  He has never felt for anyone what he feels for her.  He wants her to see that she is different, so he takes his time.  Walking and talking with her.


Clare has a past full of pain and problems.  She has given up her hopes for the future, and her plans to be a veterinarian.  Now, she is forging ahead on a new life.  She has a new job, a new man, and plans to get back to school.  Will her past derail all she is working so hard to attain?


Rory and Clare's banter is so good.  I want to quote the whole book to you.  Instead, I will highly recommend you read this beginning to the Kavanagh Legends series.  Great start and good story.  I give it a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC was given by and its publisher in exchange for an honest review only.