The Billionaire's Fake Girlfriend - Part 1 (Contemporary Romance) (The Billionaire Saga) - Sierra Rose

Rebecca White and Marcus Taylor have a run in at a coffee shop.  They do not officially "meet" until she is at his party in a professional capacity.  She tells one of the screeching leeches that she is the billionaire's girlfriend, and he goes along with it.


They have quite a bit of fun in front of the cameras with their little secret.  She came along at a perfect time, when Marcus needed Rebecca.  So it is official.  She has to come out of her comfort zone.


Marcus, for all that is going on seems to enjoy her company.  On the premise that they have to spend time together for it to be believed, he is over at her apartment.  They are going to events together, flying to glamorous places together, etc.


Rebecca is not sure what her take on this is going to be.  Right now it is fun.  The best acting job she has ever given.  But is it really acting?  If she enjoys his kisses, and wants more - is it still all for the job?


This is such a super start for the series!  In grand style, I laughed and laughed and enjoyed myself with all the banter, sexy times, and offhand thoughts.  I cannot wait for the next installment!!  I literally could NOT put this one down!  Total keeper, it gets the 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC was given by Hurricane Readers Book Reviews and its author in exchange for an honest review.