What Happens in College... (Ritter University Book 2) - Vanessa M. Knight

Karina Wolfe meets Ryan Kent at college party. She is a freshman and he is a junior. He is instantly attracted to her, she just wants to be friends. She has been into guys just like him before, and it never ends well.


They start out as people who just cannot get along. Ryan does not accept this and begs her to be a friend. She friend zones him and starts dating someone else. What she is most afraid is that anyone at school will find out about her past secrets, and that means not getting too close to him.


Ryan feels so childish begging for every scrap of attention, until they realize they have a class together and Karina needs a tutor. Then the spend more time together and the friendship grows. They get together with friends and gain a group that hangs out regularly.


Karina and Ryan really want to be together, despite all that is going on. They are still attracted, but cover it well with friendship and hanging out. When it all falls apart, will he be the one that can rescue her? Or will it implode and leave Karina alone?


I found this story extremely compelling. The characters gain so much when the friendship builds and becomes more. The banter is so clever and real. This was book 2 in the Ritter Univeristy series.

***This ARC was given in exchange for an honest review.