The Boss's Son - Part 2 (An Office Romance) (My Office Romance) - Sierra Rose

This is book # 2 in The Boss's Son, a 3 part series.  I recommend reading it in order for better grasp of the story and full understanding.  I always advise readers to read in order the author intended.


Britt and Jack's story continues in this 2nd part.  Jack has gone to Hong Kong to train and Britt has had to stay and wait on him.  She is afraid since distance can be a factor for most couples to break up.


Jack is sure Britt is who he wants.  He fell pretty hard for her and is trying everything to make it work.  He calls and text her all the time.


Britt has just had a bad breakup before meeting Jack.  She is also stressed out on him being her bosses son.  She is afraid of how it will look to others so she keeps a secret, even from her best friend.


This story has a lot of humor and the characters are fun to read.  Britt not telling her best friend leads to hijinx.  The one thing that bugged me in this story was Britt making Jack feel last and dating others when she was "with" him.  Overall I liked it though.  I give this story a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC was given by Hurricane Readers Book Reviews in exchange for an honest review.