Getting Him Back - K.A. Mitchell

Ethan and Wyatt met under no so great circumstances.  Ethan has chased his now ex-boyfriend to college, and Wyatt is his new roommate.  He tries to win his boyfriend back by checking in with Wyatt on what he is doing.


Wyatt, is actually a good guy.  Who is interested in Ethan.  He is not sure whether to tell him straight out, or just give him time to get over his ex.  Meanwhile, they are starting to be friends, sort of.


Ethan is finding he likes to spend time with Wyatt.  He is different, and fun.  Everything he always wanted and did not know he could have.  Should he take a chance?


This book was such an easy read.  It was good in so many ways.  It has laughter, angst, hot times and fun too.  I give this story a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given by and its publisher in exchange for an honest review only.