Off Campus (Bend or Break) - Amy Jo Cousins

Tom goes back to college only to find his roommate was promised he would live alone.  They do not get along, but Tom could care less what Reese wants since he only needs a place to crash and get the much needed sleep he deprives himself of.  Can they find common ground?


Reese talks to Tom finally, and they make a truce of sorts.  They live like hermits in just their room, never leaving except for food, classes, and to shower.  Tom works himself to the bone to pay tuition on the weekends, but otherwise lives a closed off existence.


Tom starts to notice his feelings for Reese and they end up friends.  Reese is kind of a people person, so eventually they come out to the main room to study instead of just hiding away.  Will the pasts that have scarred them ruin their future?  Can Tom forge a live of his own and move past his fathers mistakes? 


I found this book so riveting!  I could NOT put it down.  I know this will be a book I read again and keep on my shelf.  I loved it and give it a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!