Pieces of You and Me - Erin Fletcher

Title: Pieces of You and Me

Author: Erin Fletcher

Publisher: Entangled Teen Crush

Publication Date: April 18, 2016





Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains references to drinking,

addiction, and just the right amount of angst. You’ll want to save this tortured

hero, while at the same time, not want to change a single thing about him!


Five years.


That’s how long I’ve been gone. Since I left my best friend—the girl I loved—behind.


Five seconds.


That's how long it takes to realize I am completely, utterly, screwed. Because now

that I’m back, my childhood crush has turned into so much more.


Rylee has changed. We both have. And now I’m drawn to her in a completely

different way. To her smile. Her touch. To reliving old memories and making new

ones. To the happiness she’s always given me that I haven’t felt since I left.


But her friends are hell-bent on keeping us apart. My dad is one drink away from

destroying both of our lives, and maybe I am, too. It’s only a matter of time before I

have to leave again, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. I never get a choice.


The one choice I can make? Stay away from Rylee. Because if I don’t, I’ll break her

heart—and mine—all over again.


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Pieces of You and MePieces of You and Me by Erin Fletcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rylee and Chase had been best friends, years ago, before Chase left. Now, he is back and trying his best to stay away from her. He does not want his bitter life to run over into hers. He wants better for her.

Chase has been all over, being moved around by divorced parents. Back in the town with the girl he loves, he is trying to keep his cool until the next shoe drops. Rylee makes him feel different. Better. She is all the sunshine he will ever need.

A very sweet love story that tugs at the heartstrings. I enjoyed this book. I laughed, cried, and wished some people would shut the heck up!

***This ARC copy was given by Netgalley and its publisher for an honest review only.

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Interview with Author, Erin Fletcher


  1. What was your favorite book as a child?  Were you a "reader"?


I was definitely a reader as a child, which means I cannot possibly pick just one favorite! My favorite picture book was The Polar Express. I had a gift set that came with the book, a bell, and a cassette tape audio book (I know…I’m old…). I read that book until it literally fell apart. My favorite chapter book was Matilda. I used to wish for the powers she had and all the books she got to read!


  1. Do you like silence, or do you have music on while you write?


It depends on the book. For my first book (Where You’ll Find Me) I had a very specific playlist that I listened to every time I wrote. For Pieces of You and Me, I wrote mostly in silence. If I need something in between music and silence, I turn on my white noise app with the sound of ocean waves.


  1. Do you ever make playlists for your books?  (ie: Spotify, 8tracks, etc.)


I didn’t for this book…maybe for the next one! :)


  1. Who is your hero?  Who do you feel has been an influence on you the most?


I’d have to say my grandma is both my hero and the person who has influenced me the most. She is in her eighties, but uses an iPad, knows how to FaceTime and use Facebook, and keeps up with the Kardashians. I hope I’m like her when I’m her age! My grandma is also the one who got me into writing. She used to buy me a journal every year for my birthday. It was the gift I looked forward to most because I loved the possibility of filling those blank pages with thoughts and stories. She knew I was going to be an author long before I did!


  1. If you could write any genre at all what would it be?


It would be cool to write sci fi or fantasy. I’m always impressed by the intricate details in those stories. Some authors have a real talent for world building!


  1. Are you a fangirl?  Is there anything that makes you squeal like we do about your books?  (Besides, Oreos...)


Ha! Oreos are awesome, and yes, I am definitely a fangirl. My current fangirl obsessions are Shadowhunters, Divergent, various musicals (Newsies, Finding Neverland, Hamilton), and Ben Rector and Bethel (music). I was also part of the Supernatural fandom for a long time. I went to one of the conventions and got to meet Jensen Ackles who is somehow even better looking in person than on TV.


  1. Readers love to get to know you.  Is there any one thing that no one knows about you that you can share with your readers?


I’m not sure there’s anything NO ONE knows about me, but something very few people know is that I am a former figure skater, and was even on my university’s synchronized figure skating team. It’s like synchronized swimming, only with colder water. Much colder.


  1. What is your favorite thing to do on a vacation?


Well, my favorite place to vacation is the beach, so my favorite thing to do is to put my toes in the sand with a good book and an ocean breeze. Perfection.


  1. Your not afraid to go to the difficult subjects in your books.  Was that a hard decision to make or did you just feel that it came naturally/organically to the story?


Difficult things happen in real life, so it feels very natural to write about those things. Yes, it’s fun to write about happy, sweet things too, but I think books need both because real life has both.


  1. What is the most important thing you want us to take away from PIECES OF YOU AND ME?


I think different readers will take away different things, but one of the things I’ve taken away from writing about these characters is to truly enjoy the present without worrying too much about tomorrow. Also, I’ve been reminded that everyone I meet has struggles and deserves to be treated with kindness.


Thank you so much for the great questions and for having me on Kitty’s Book Spot!




Author Bio:


Erin is a young adult author from North Carolina. She is a morning person who does

most of her writing before sunrise, while drinking excessive quantities of coffee. She

believes flip-flops qualify as year-round footwear, and would spend every day at the

beach if she could. She has a bachelor's degree in mathematics, which is almost

never useful when writing books.



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