Sincerely, Arizona - Whitney Gracia Williams

This is book # 1.5 for the Sincerely Carter series.  This book is not a standalone. You should read these in order as the timeline in this 2nd book picks up where the 1st book left off.


Arizona and Carter have much to talk about and work out.  If it actually can be worked out, these two want this.  Carter does not want to let go of his best friend and lover.  Arizona still has some issues with a future that includes Carter.


Such a great ending and I refuse to spoil the best ending I have read all year!  I think you should read this story, (after the first book, of course!)  It is worth it and if you love these characters like I do, you will appreciate the effort the author went to for us in this short but sweet novella.  I give this a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!