No Way in Hell: A Steel Corps/Trident Security Crossover Novel Book 2 - Samantha Cole, J. C. Havens

This is the 2nd book, Part Two of the No Way In Hell crossover from both the acclaimed Steel Corp. & Trident Security book series.  It gives you background into some very private characters and how they came to be where they are.  I recommend reading this in order, as it will enhance understanding and enjoyment.


Bea AKA "Mic" Michaels and T. Carter have now kissed and decided to remain friends.  While very protective of one another, they are also glad when they have each other's backs.  It is hard to trust when you are this far undercover.


Carter knows under different circumstances, he would have liked to be able to take down the enemy without involving a woman.  Especially not one who commands respect.  One no one wants to lose.


Such a great story and very powerful message.  I really loved that the characters worked well together.  There are obvious signs in this book of character development, and continued enjoyment while reading these characters later - can be found in their respective series books.  I give this amazing story a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC was given in exchange for an honest review.