Morning My Angel - Sue  Brown

Josh talks almost every day with a man he calls "Charlie."  He loves the old Charlie's Angel TV show, and they talk about that as well as most everything.  He knows it is someone he works with.  Just higher up somewhere in the company.


Callum AKA "Charlie" has been attracted to Josh since basically the first time he saw him.  Everyone is either intimidated or afraid of him or his position.  He decided that talking to Josh every day was at least something he could do to get to know him.  Now, when they meet face to face, can he tell Josh the truth and still pave a way to a future?


This series is very interesting.  It has complex characters and a good solid story.  I wish it had been a little faster pace.  I liked the basics of this Angel Enterprises series so much I am eager to read the next installment.  I give this book a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!