Cursed: Gowns & Crowns, Book 5 - Jennifer Chance

This is book #5 in the Gowns & Crowns series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  I recommend for complete understanding of the series, and to avoid spoilers, I think this incredible series should be read in order.


Vincent AKA “Prince" has been hired to watch over the semi-royal family of sisters who have arrived here in South Carolina.  He cannot help being attracted to the oldest of the siblings, Edeena.  She is the one who hired his company.  Now he must find out what this is all about.


Edeena must make a path for her sisters to build upon.  She has to fulfill a family dream in order to break a long ago curse.  What she wants really will not matter.  If she let's time run out, there are more consequences to come.  And.... time is running out.


This series just has so many surprises!  These characters are just amazing.  The banter is funny.  The sexy times are hot.  This is just such a fun read.  This author never lets me down.  I give this book a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This early copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.