Gummy Bears & Grenades - Charlie Cochet

This is book #9.5, in the THIRDS series.  This book should be read in the order of series planned, as it will give serious spoilers.  This still can be read as a standalone, but not recommended.


This book jumps in as Dex & Sloan are planning to get married soon.  With all the planning going on, how do you get things done when urban terrorists are trying to interfere in the job?


On the brighter side, a crazy planned bachelor party is about to happen.  Will everyone show?  What surprises will there be?  


This is such a great series!  I was excited to read about more adventures with my favorite THIRDS!  These characters are so great with the humor, loyalty, and most of all conviction.  So exciting to see what it coming next for them.  This was a fast paced installment but worth every page.  I give this story 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!