On A Tuesday (One Week #1) - Whitney Gracia Williams

This is a great story about a second chance for Charlotte and Grayson. They met in college and had their life ahead of them. She to be a lawyer, he to be in professional football. When they come across one another later - fireworks! 

Grayson had always intended to be with Charlotte. He lost her and did not know where she was. With seven years wasted, he does not want to miss another minute. Convincing her to give him another shot? Priceless. 

This book was full of so many precious moments. I loved the banter, sexy times, heat level, pace, etc. I was so pleased I picked this one up. This author is amazing. 

The narration in the audio book was very soothing and the voice had just the right inflections and made me actually feel the entire scene. Narrators Erin Mallon, Joseph Discher were a good addition and I enjoyed reading and listening to this book.