The Friend Zone: the most hilarious and heartbreaking romantic comedy of 2019 - Abby Jimenez

I was given the option to have a 'FREE PREVIEW' of this new book.  I loved it so much and could not put it down, so I ran to the library as soon as I finished my preview, so I could finish the story.  So worth it.  God Bless my local county library!


Josh meets Kristen in a less than stellar way.  Then when they meet officially later, they already have to work harder to impress one another.  They are mutual friends of a couple who is getting married so there is a lot going on.


Kristen is involved with someone else when she meets Josh, so they are just friends.  For now.  If ever a chance arises to to take it to another level?  Well lets just say there are enough sparks between them to light up Las Vegas.


This was such a witty and fun story.  I really could not put it down.  I found the characters to be deliciously complex.  The heat and heart in the book made it a great read.  The pace was steady, and there was plenty of humor too.  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!




***Thanks to Netgalley, and the publisher for the free preview.