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This marriage of convenience is about to teach him a big life lesson...


Ben Leach, a defenseman for the York Bombers, has everything in life he could want—except happiness. Terminally miserable, he's settled into his rut with the acceptance of someone who knows he doesn't deserve any better—until he runs into an old acquaintance during a quick trip to Las Vegas...a trip that changes everything.


Natalie Kenney is on the run thanks to a stalker ex who thinks she belongs to him. Running into her old friend's brother couldn't have come at a better time and, in an impulsive move that surprises her, she accepts his half-hearted attempt to rescue her.

But the rescue comes with consequences.
The new couple suddenly finds themselves in positions neither one expected, faced with challenges—and threats—that push them both out of their comfort zones. Will their new relationship lead to something more, or is it merely a marriage in name only? Ben expects it to crash-and-burn like the happiness that always seems to be just out of his reach and when the final buzzer sounds, he needs to decide if he's simply playing a part or if life—and love—is a lot more than a spectator sport.

Playing His Part: A York Bombers Hockey Romance (The York Bombers Book 7)Playing His Part: A York Bombers Hockey Romance by Lisa B. Kamps
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is book #7, in The York Bombers series. This can be read as a standalone novel. For readers understanding of the series, and to avoid spoilers, I recommend reading them in order.

Natalie has had a few problems. Recently an ex-boyfriend who scares her to death. He and all the other problems become one big issue when she runs into the older brother of a an old friend in Las Vegas.

Ben does not even know what comes over him. He is married before he even knows what to do about it. His friends cannot believe it - and truthfully, neither can he. Natalie stirs in him things he does not ever remember feeling.

This book moves at a pace faster than I can even tell you. The characters are so thrilling and compelling it is literally like I should have brought popcorn! I could not put this book down. Like the others in this great series, this one brought the house down.

***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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About the Author:

Lisa B. Kamps is a USA Today Bestselling Author who writes steamy romance with real-life characters and relatable stories that evoke deep emotion. She likes her men hard, her bed soft, her coffee strong, her whiskey neat, and her wine chilled...and when it comes to sports, hockey is the only thing that matters! Lisa currently lives in Maryland with her husband and two sons (who are mostly sorta-kinda out of the house), one very spoiled Border Collie, two cats with major attitude, several head of cattle, and entirely too many chickens to count. When she's not busy writing or chasing animals, she's cheering loudly for her favorite hockey team, the Washington Capitals--or going through withdrawal and waiting for October to roll back around! For more information, please visit:

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