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Love’s a wave. And they’re about to get slammed.

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Brooke Lowry has a mission: fly to Tahiti, pluck PR nightmare Dylan Schell out of whatever party he’s in, bring him home and clean up his image. It was her idea for Jackson Cole clothing company to sponsor the pro surfer. But the chances of saving this deal—and her career—look pretty slim when she finds the sexy party boy “shooting the curl” with two beach bunnies.

Dylan is finally getting back on track in his surfing career after a near-death accident. The next big event would put him over the top…if it wasn’t being held in San Amaro, where he’ll have to watch his best friends Matt and Corey tie the knot and move on without him. What would help? A girlfriend so his friends don’t feel sorry for him.

Brooke will do anything to get Dylan back to San Amaro — even be his date for a wedding. But suddenly Dylan finds himself facing a lot of things—his hometown, his past, his fears…and something he didn’t see coming…love.

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