Isn't She Lovely: Flirt New Adult Romance - Lauren Layne

I loved this story... A new version of Pygmalion, or Pretty Woman, if you will.


Stephanie is a film student at NYU who meets an uptown guy who attend a film class she is in.  Ethan is also an NYU student, but he comes from a wealthy background.


Together, they have a film project due for their summer film class that has them getting together most every day.  Ethan is clueless about film, and Stephanie does try to educate him.  Stephanie is clueless about some people, but Ethan she understands.


They decide to make the Pygmalion story take a new twist of setting - on a college campus.  Ethan thinks they should try it out in real life.


I loved their story since it was so real and easy to believe and understand.  The author, Lauren Layne has written many books I love, but I am certain this will be my favorite of hers.  I enjoyed every witty comment and laughed out loud MANY times.  I cried when the characters felt sad and never regretted enjoying that these two (Stephanie & Ethan) felt very real to me.