The Bells of Times Square - Amy Lane

We go back in this book to 1943, when there are clever ways the U.S. is using to win WWII.  This story is about more than the initial characters of Blaine and Tony, it is about the past and Nate meeting and falling in love with Walter.


The book begins in modern times - with Nate Meyer being much older and having his grandson, Blaine take him to Times Square for New Years Eve to hear church bells ringing.  It was from a wartime promise that one of the churches in New York did - but only during the war on New Years Eve.  While awaiting the bells, Blaine introduces the love of his life to Nate - and he approves!  But, due to a stroke - cannot tell him.  


Then we go back to 1943, when Nate was in the Air Force, and was taking pictures of the enemy's bad deeds.  He crashes while on a mission and is rescued by Walter.  He hides Nate in a farmhouse in the countryside along the French/German border.  They come across some of the fighters for the resistance and learn about one another while they are secluded in the house.


We learn about Nate and all that he does for the war effort where Walter was a POW and why and so much more!  If you love a story you can sink your teeth into and enjoy this is your book!


This is a story that will lift your heart, make you feel strong about our country and appreciate the characters you are reading about.  Oh!  Did I mention you will need tissues?  Lots of them!  This story tugs at your heart like few books can.  I loved the characters in this book.  I loved the banter, the back stories and it really made me feel the story like I was there.  I give it a 5/5 Paws read.  Curl up tonight and try it!


***This book was given free from for reviewer purposes.