Playing Charlie Cool (Trager Family Secrets Book 3) - Laurie Boris

Charlie and Josh's story is so very good, and yet so very complex.  Adam-Josh (as he is called since Charlie has a brother named Adam, also.)  Is very much the love of Charlie's life.  Only he is virtually untouchable since he is in the public eye and has to protect his children.


Charlie is a producer for daytime television and has plenty of divas of his own to take care of during the day.  At night, he wonders how he can be so alone in the city that never sleeps.  Joshua is a man in the middle of a divorce, since he was honest with his family about his feelings and does not want to hurt his family or himself anymore.


Charlie and Josh barely get any time together, schedules and other priorities keep them apart so much.  They text and sometimes get to talk on the phone.  Josh has been making the rounds and circling the globe doing promotions that his father has asked him to do.


Then when they try to talk about feelings?  Well - never the two shall meet.  Josh keeps his close to the vest since he has so much to lose.  But will he lose Charlie if he does not tell him soon what he feels for him?  


Charlie is not sure whether to keep waiting for Josh or just move on.  His feelings are real and it hurts to see him in just stolen moments when he feels like a leftover in Josh's life.  Good thing Charlie has such good friends and family around him.


I was absolutely bowled over by a book who could put it so right!  I felt like the characters were real and I was experiencing their love story unfold as I read.  What an emotional and humorous book!  I could not put it down!!  


The price is perfect right now - absolutely FREE for the eBook.  To read more about the Trager Family Secrets Series at Goodreads CLICK HERE!  This book is the 3rd book in the series but my personal opinion is it was the best!!  I give it a whopping 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!