The Millionaire's Unexpected Proposal (Entangled Indulgence) (Miami Lawyers) - Jane Peden

Sam Flanagan and Camilla Winthrop met 5 years ago in Vegas. They had a whirlwind two weeks together until Sam told her it was over and there was no reason to get too attached. Now she needs his help not to lose her son.

Sam has a past that taught him not to trust anyone. He learned long ago that trusting the wrong person can go south pretty quick! So when Camilla comes to him in Miami after 5 long years... and there are secrets he never knew she kept from him? He goes a little mad!

Sam has a son he never knew about. Camilla wants to get married to protect him and Sam agrees. He has motives that she never suspects and even though things look good on the surface, there is really so much going on she never even guesses at.

Marrying Sam keeps her former in-laws from gaining leverage on her son. Their son. Sam has a back up plan that he never tells Camilla. He needs to learn a whole new lesson in trust. Can his partners help a guy out?

Sam comes to love his new ready made family and eventually maybe even sees how a future with Camilla and the kids in it are possible. One wrong move and the secrets are out. Camilla and Sam have to learn to forgive and what the true meaning of love is all about.

I loved this story! It felt very real and the scenario could happen to anyone with a Vegas weekend in their past. I was impressed with the depth of these characters, even the kids. This book is a definite keeper on the shelf and I give it a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!!




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